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Welcome to Bunnycup Winery!  

Wow, it's amazing to finally be able to say that.  Our journey began nearly 2 years ago - right after the world was coming off of Covid 19 and I had left my job of more than 16 years.  Because we were all in transition  It felt like anything was possible, and it was time for us to chase our dream.  We had been visiting wineries and making our own wine for many years - always talking about "what if"... Could we build a winery of our own?  The answer, it seems, is - yes!  We are getting ready to open to the public in 2024, and spending our days making wine to share with the the great people around our lakes.  We are excited to be able to chase our dream and so happy that you are here to share it with us.  If there is anything at all that we can do to make your time with us, please let us know.