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After months of youtube training, we planted our first row of grapes in the summer of 2020.  To be honest, we knew almost nothing about growing grapes - and until this point had essentially killed every house plant we ever tried to raise.  However, if we wanted a winery - we needed to grow some grapes.  We decided to start with Frontenac Gris - a cold weather white variatel developed by the University of Minnesota.  Since then, we have planted another 4 rows totalling 105 vines, and they seem to be growing very well.  We had our first real (although very small) "harvest" in 2023.  If you stopped in and tried our Frontenac Gris wine, it's possible that you sampled some of the first grapes we ever grew here at Bunnycup!

After proving that we had what it took to keep them alive through the winter, we decided to also plant 5 rows of our favorite cold-weather grape - Petite Pearl.  The Petite Pearl is a new cold-weather variety, also developed in Minnesota by Tom Plocher.  Some of the best wines we have ever produced were with the Petite Pearl grape, and we can't wait until 2024 to get a full harvest and see what we can do.

Late in 2023 we decided to expand our vineyard again, allowing for more than 100 new Petite Pearl vines to be planted in the spring of 2024.  We can't wait to see the vineyard full!